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CAI Company of The Year 2015

CAI Award

Cable Guys Ltd have recently won a national award for company of the year 2015. This was issued by our main trade body the Confederation of Aerial Industries. We are ecstatic about this achievement as it rubber stamps the many years of hard work we have put into serving customers honestly and satisfactorily from the initial phone call right through to a working system.

Lee Spicknell, Director had these words to say:

First and foremost I'd like to thank my team for making the recently downsized version of Cable Guys Ltd a huge success. My mother Suzanne Spicknell runs a really tight ship on the phones and administration of the company, creating a solid heart beat to the way we operate. Stuart Thompson, well words can't describe his tenacity to fix things always with quality in mind and offer the highest level of customer service always with a smile. It is only with their dedication to the cause that we are as successful as we are.

However I'd also like to thank everyone else who has worked for the company during the last 11 years. My past partner Leo Walton would have also been proud of this award. All the past engineers including my father Colin Spicknell, Chris Gray, Jordan Bucko, Troy Leigh, Alan Leigh, Ryan Leigh and Sam Mason. Your work lead us to this point and we thank you for that.

Finally to everyone at the CAI,

In 2006, I was pretty much called a cowboy by a member of staff at a local supplier. He said if I wasn't CAI, I didn't know what I was talking about. As much as I was outraged by this man at the time, he was right. Within two months, I had a handsome man at the end of my desk called Kevin Dawson, inspecting our paperwork and so on. We were a shambles even though we thought we were doing good. Kevin wasn't negative or condescending about anything we had wrong, he just told us how to do it and said he'd give us some time to change it. That in essence is something the CAI must preserve at all times, that welcoming family feel to it all. We then went out to my van for the final part of the inspection and he asked to see my health and safety kit. I pulled out a toilet roll and a set of goggles (previously used for chopping onions as a student) and said "That is it!". A trip to CSS Worksafe and a working safely at heights kit was quickly added to the list of changes. Kevin has since become a great friend work aside. I always look forward to seeing you buddy, even if its for an inspection.

The rest is history, a wealth of training, a wealth of knowledge and a wealth of help is all we can say we have had from you and we are thankful for it. You create companies like us, we salute you for that and would say to anyone thinking of joining to just do it and get on with it.

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