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Can’t get Sky HD installed? Have you been refused Sky?

sky-logoHave you been refused Sky due to any of the following reasons below?

There are a range of reasons why we have had to be called out to customers properties to help install Sky for them. These include the following:

  1. Sky engineer would not access the chimney
  2. Three storey property
  3. Desired location of dish too high
  4. Sky engineer would not route cable through the loft
  5. Surrounded by tall trees
  6. Second dish required but not allowed

Or discrete cabling requirements like the following were required:

  1. Cables buried into wall, invisible cable installation
  2. Cables installed under floor boards
  3. Listed building installation
  4. Dish required to be sited in the garden or hidden from eyesight

Well Cable Guys can help you! We take as much time as you wish to work out the best way of installing your system to suit your requirements and concerns. In fact we have a reputation among some Sky engineers as the company to call when they cannot achieve the desired result for the customer.

If you are one of these people please visit our contact section and get in touch so we can help you!



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