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January 4th VAT increase

VAT-imageFrom January 4th 2011 the rate of VAT is to go up from 17.5% to 20%. When the previous rate dropped to 15% we dropped our prices in line with this. Then when the rate went back up to 17.5% we didn't raise our prices to help our customers during what was a very difficult economic climate. Unfortunately with rising costs of cable, equipment, fuel, insurance and pretty much anything else you can think of we have no choice but to raise our prices to reflect the VAT increase.

We have kept the increases to the minimum we can and feel frustrated that this has been forced upon us. At a time when the country is struggling out of recession the last thing we all need is a further burden on our already restricted finances. However the government has other ideas and we are stuck with this enforced price increase.

So for the first time in the history of Cable Guys we are putting our prices up across the board. However this does mean that the quality of our installations won't have to suffer and that we can carry on offering our amazing customer service.

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