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tooway-logoDo you suffer from slow broadband speed? Do you want to improve the speed of your internet? Do you live in a rural area where you have no or very slow broadband?

Well Cable Guys can help you! We have recently completed training to offer and install the brilliant Tooway satellite broadband service.

Tooway satellite broadband is a new service in the UK but is available across Europe. With affordable monthly fees for great download speeds of up to 20Mb! Tooway is up to 180 times faster than dial-up, and 20 times faster than many fixed line broadband (ADSL) connections. A single satellite mini-dish and a modem are all you need. Tooway is a satellite broadband solution designed from the outset for the home. It’s been extremely successful in North America with over 400,000 subscribers on the hardware.

The great thing about the system is that it doesn’t matter where you live in the UK, as long as you can get a line of site to the dedicated Tooway satellite at 9° degrees. This is 19 degrees to the right of the direction of your Sky satellite dish if you are a Sky subscriber.

Satellite broadband has a reputation of being expensive as in the old days it cost around £1000 for an installation and approximately £100 per month. This was only accessible to remote based businesses that could afford this level of expensive for such a vital service. With Tooway you should be expecting a supply and installation cost of approximately £400 followed by the monthly tarrif you select. Tooway 6Mb is only £24.99 and Tooway 10Mb is £49.99 per month, with other options available.

For more information on the monthly tariffs and packages visit the Tooway site for more details. Alternatively if you wish to discuss your requirements and the installation in more details visit our contact section and get in touch so we can help.

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