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Satellite, Sky, Freesat & more

Can I get Freesat in my apartment or flat?

To be able to watch Freesat you need access to a signal from a satellite dish. You can get this either through your own dish or from a communal dish.

Many blocks of flats and apartments are fitted with a communal TV system. This can provide anything from a single TV signal to TV, satellite and radio signals.

triax_DDU_SKYplus_Outlet_Plate_A2166labgear_psw132_frontIf your flat has an outlet plate like either of the images on this page then you should have access to a satellite signal. But if the system has not been properly installed or maintained then this signal may not be good enough for reliable viewing.

If there is a problem with your communal TV signal then we can contact the company looking after the maintenance of the building about resolving the problem.

For situations where a satellite signal cannot be received through a communal TV system you will have to have your own dish. As long as your flat faces roughly south then you will probably be able to have your own dish fitted.


I live in a block of flats and want to get Sky. What do I do?

Many people living in apartment blocks will have access to a communal system which should provide access to TV and satellite signals.

Many systems, however, have not been upgraded for digital Freeview or for Sky+, although you can usually still get analogue TV and normal Sky.

If you cannot get digital Freeview or Sky+ then you should contact your letting agent or estate management company about rectifying this.

Cable Guys will do a free survey of your property to assess what is required to upgrade your system.


I want to get rid of my Sky subscription. How do I get TV channels for free?

As long as you have had your Sky subscription for more than 12 months when you cancel your Sky subscription you get to keep your digibox.

When your subscription expires you will lose your packaged channels but will still retain access to over 240 free TV channels, known as FreeSat from Sky.


Can I get access to channels broadcast in other countries?

It is possible to get access to channels broadcast in many other countries through a satellite dish.

The further away the country is from the UK the larger you dish has to be. There is a limit to the size of dish and also the countries from which you can receive satellite signals from.

It is also possible to receive signals from several different satellites through a single dish if the channels you require are not all broadcast from the same satellite.


Do I have to get a Sky engineer to install Sky?

No, there is no reason why you have to get a Sky engineer to install Sky. Cable Guys work in conjunction with an Authorised Sky Agent (ASA) so that we can provide the whole Sky service - from ordering your package to installing your dish and setting-up your digibox.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and providing the right service at the right price.  If you want a more personal service, done how you want, when you want, then Cable Guys are the company for you.

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