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How can I wall mount my LCD or Plasma TV?

Almost all LCD and Plasma TVs are capable of being wall mounted - to find out check in the instruction manual for the TV and see what the manufacturer recommends.

To mount the TV on the wall you will need a wall bracket, which come in many different variations - standard tilt, tilt/twist/turn, slim (no tilt) and more. Cable Guys can provide the correct bracket for your TV subject to your budget and requirements.

To mount most TVs you will need a solid wall constructed from either block or brick for a secure fitting. Small TVs, generally under 21", can be mounted on stud walls (i.e. walls made from a wooden frame with plasterboard) but larger TVs would require significant strengthening of the wall before they could be securely mounted.

Often when wall-mounting a TV you are left with unsightly wires dangling down. Cable Guys can either chase these wires into the wall or provide a discreet decorative trunking solution to hide these wires.

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